experiencing abuse

New study reports one-third of mothers experience violence from spouses

A new study out of the UK followed over 1,000 mothers for 10 years. Among the findings: More than one-third reported suffering violence from their spouses. Those who suffered abuse were twice as likely to develop depression as women who were not experiencing abuse. The study cited is: “Intimate partner violence and new-onset depression” by…

That abusive ex that keeps texting you! Ideas and solutions

In 2015 it is very hard to cut off contact with an abusive ex. Many women report that their ex-partners will continue to verbally and emotionally abuse them, after separation, using texts. They will send threatening texts or crazy-making texts, texts that will have them feeling sorry for their ex-partner or texts that will make them…

What’s the difference between “normal conflict” and “abuse” in a relationship?

1) With abuse, the conflict will seem to be more about your partner trying to win the argument or hurt you with his words instead of him genuinely trying to constructively work out a problem. 2) With abuse, you will notice that your partner is thinking almost exclusively about what is good for him, not…

Check list: Am I experiencing?

Check list: Am I experiencing? Do you feel anxious when you are around him? Does he put your down or criticize you? Do you feel disrespected by your partner / boyfriend? Are you afraid to give your opinion or express a concern to your partner? Is your partner jealous and/or possesive of you.
An abusive relationship may include some of these experiences. There are many other warning signs of abuse that we have not included here. Whatever you are experiencing, if you are unhappy with what’s going on, we hope you will read more of this website and / or watch our videos.