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Brave Woman

Oh Brave Woman. You have said “no more”. You have walked out or changed the locks or closed your ears to lies spat at you night after night. You are brave like Rosa Parks who on December 1,1955, in Montgomery, Alabama decided she must live as the full human being she was. She did a […]

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Abuse can happen to anyone. True or False?

This post is from It doesn’t start off with a punch in the face or a knock down fight. It is a gradual desensitization. Pushing the limit just a little each time. A comment here. Criticism disguised as concern for you. Teasing in the uncomfortable zone. Testing you to see where the resistance is, […]

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Abuse and Power

Abuse happens when there is an imbalance of power. It is impossible to understand abuse – when it happens and how it happens – without an examination of power. Sometimes the women I work with have done things they are ashamed of in their relationship. They have slapped their partner across the face or thrown […]

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Did you know that sometimes “professional help” is not helpful?

Helping professional are well intentioned but sometimes for women experiencing abuse, that help is not helpful. In fact, sadly, sometimes the ‘help’ is harmful to women. How is this possible? Well, let’s think about the dynamics of abuse. Men who are abusive are motivated by a desire to have power and control over their partner. […]

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Am I Codependent?

The term “codependent” has its origin in the AA movement. The idea is that someone who lives with an alcoholic or drug addict often ends up developing an unhealthy dependence on the substance user. We think there are a lot of problems with this term and want to look at it critically. It is important […]

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When Love Hurts