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New video on dating violence

The Abbotsford Police have created a video on violence in young women’s lives. It rings true to me and highlights some important issues like cyberstalking. I would encourage you to watch it.

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New Canadian study shows impacts of abuse on workplace

A new Canadian study shows that one third of workers report that they have experienced domestic abuse. 82% report that the abuse affected their work life. The study was sponsored by Western University and the Canadian Labour Congress. This study affirms what women have been reporting to us for years, that abusive partners or ex-partners […]

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Meredith Baxter on Oprah

I am just watching Meredith Baxter on Oprah and finding so much of her story helpful. The stories she is telling is so typical of women who have been abused by their partner – the fear, confusion etc. Her examples of how her partner wore her down with insults and putdowns were powerful. As usual, […]

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The Secret Life of Bees

I recently saw the movie “The Secret Life of Bees”. This is a great movie about strong women who support and encourage each other through tough times. The main character, Lily, flees her abusive father, searching for safety and answers to her questions. The movie does a good job of portraying domestic violence. Lily’s mother […]

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Lynn’s Story

Noellee Mowatt is nineteen years old, nine months pregnant, an immigrant to this country and currently in prison in Ontario. Why is she in prison? Because she will not testify against her boyfriend in court. Yesterday I talked to a recent client of mine who I thought had some things in common with Noellee and […]

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When is Murder not Murder?

When is murder not murder? In the eyes of the law, it seems that it is not murder if a man kills his wife. I was deeply upset this week to hear about the death of Hendrikje Priester of Abbotsford who was murdered on March 25th by her common-law husband. There is much about this […]

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Sad News

I was so saddened last night when I found out that a woman in my community had been murdered by her ex-boyfriend. A worker at my local transition house told me about it with tears in her eyes. The transition house had enjoyed getting to know this woman who was bravely getting her life back […]

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When Love Hurts