When Love Hurts Workshop

When Love Hurts workshops

“I would encourage all helping professionals and service providers to bring the “When Love Hurts” Training Workshop to their community. It was powerful and transformative. It shattered myths and changed perspectives about violence against women. Jill & Karen are knowledgeable, engaging and passionate about supporting women impacted by abuse. It allowed us to be more equipped in supporting our clients, acknowledge the gaps in services and come together as a community to continue the conversation.” – Stopping the Violence Program Coordinator

While women who have experienced abuse from a partner show amazing resilience, they often need the assistance of highly-skilled advocates and professionals.

Do you have the right training, skills and perspective to support women who are experiencing abuse from a partner?

Women with experiences of abuse often navigate challenging circumstances and face many barriers to building a better life. Increasingly, service providers are supporting women who face complex circumstances and systems.

If you are a women’s advocate, transition house or victim services worker, counsellor, student, mental health and/or substance use worker, or other professional, this workshop will offer you an opportunity to develop new tools and perspectives to enhance the support that you are offering to women. Whether you plan to support women individually or offer women’s support groups, this workshop will bring new energy and fresh perspective to your work.

This two-day training will give you a solid framework and a complete set of exercises to effectively support women impacted by abuse.

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When Love Hurts workshops are based on the highly-effective practice outlined in the best-selling book, When Love Hurts: A Woman’s Guide to Understanding Abuse in Relationships (Jill Cory & Karen McAndless-Davis). This training is designed for women’s advocates and frontline workers to enhance your skills and knowledge and provide effective and meaningful support to women with experiences of abuse.

Whether you support women individually or offer support groups for women, this interactive and engaging workshop will strengthen your women-centred practice using exercise and tools that women have found to be ‘life saving’ and empowering. The workshop will provide you with effective tools that speak to women’s experiences and needs.

“The support group and the book were both very instrumental in getting me through this journey alive. The fog that was shrouding my life has been lifted and I am able to see things for what they really are.”Molly, When Love Hurts group participant

Who Should Attend the Training?

When Love Hurts training is relevant for counsellors, advocates, women’s shelter workers, mental health and addictions workers and other helping professionals. Whether you are currently supporting women individually or in support groups, or considering it for your community, this course will inspire you with helpful insights and fresh thinking.

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If you are relatively new to this work, this two-day training will give you a solid framework and a complete set of exercises to effectively support women impacted by abuse. If you are experienced in this field, this workshop will help consolidate many of the things you have already learned from women and perhaps bring some new perspectives or insights to your work. This workshop is very interactive to provide participants the opportunity to practice and reflect on the workshop material.

The Facilitators

Jill Cory & Karen McAndless-Davis have been providing support, advocacy and counselling for women with experiences of abuse for over 25 years. They are experienced trainers and facilitators and have delivered workshops, trainings and conference keynote presentations across North America. Their collective expertise in the field of violence against women makes them a valuable resource for advocates who support women impacted by abuse.

Jill and Karen are the co-authors of the best-selling book When Love Hurts A Woman’s Guide to Understanding Abuse in Relationships. After many years of publishing with Womankind Press, Penguin Random House Press has published the 3rd edition (October 2016).

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