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Stockholm Syndrome in the context of abuse?

Stockholm Syndrome was coined 40 years ago at the end of a six-day bank siege in Stockholm, Sweden. Sometimes women who are experiencing abuse from their partner wonder if they are experiencing Stockholm Syndrome because they feel a certain alliance with their partner. They may also be worried about their partner and care about what […]

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A Story of Hope and Healing

Karen and her partner Bruce published the following article many years ago in the hope that sharing their story would help others. Karen and Bruce have now been living abuse free for over 20 years. Karen is a full time counsellor and Bruce is a pastor. They live in Vancouver, Canada and are the proud parents of two young adult children. […]

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Struggling to find the “right” words so your partner will stop hurting you?

Have you ever thought, “if I could just say the ‘right’ thing to my partner, then he would finally ‘get it’, understand and change?” Have you ever wondered if somehow you could make your relationship better if you just had the right combination of words… or tone of voice… or proper explanation? Abusive men often […]

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Taking Emotional Abuse Seriously

Shirley Parkinson was murdered by her husband of 27 years in Oct. 2014. Her family is speaking about her death in hopes of raising awareness. It has been brought to light that six women have been murdered by their male partners in the last year in Saskatchewan. I appreciated Piya Chatopadhyay’s coverage of this story […]

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Is My Problem Low Self-Esteem?

Some women who are abused by their partners wonder if the problem is low self-esteem. A woman may wonder if this is why she has “put up with abuse” for so long; because she did not think she deserved better. No one, independently, develops a solid sense of self. Humans are, by nature, social beings. […]

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A Survivor’s Story

As I share my story of resilience with you, I will include the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects as it pertains to me. My hope in writing my story is that the victim of abuse will not feel alone in her journey and that she can know that she can reach up and successfully […]

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Stories of abuse and survival

In this audio recording, Karen and three survivors of abuse talk about the reality and impact of abuse in marriage. The speakers touch on some of the different types of abuse – verbal, emotional, financial, and spiritual. They speak to the devastating impact that abuse has on the lives of women and their children. This […]

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When Love Hurts