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New Canadian study shows impacts of abuse on workplace

A new Canadian study shows that one third of workers report that they have experienced domestic abuse. 82% report that the abuse affected their work life. The study was sponsored by Western University and the Canadian Labour Congress. This study affirms what women have been reporting to us for years, that abusive partners or ex-partners […]

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CBC Radio

It was a great experience to be interviewed on CBC radio’s B.C. Almanac. The show airs throughout all of B.C. so it was a wonderful opportunity to raise the issues we are concerned about with a large audience. But the most amazing part was what happened the day after the show aired. Our distributor was […]

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CBC Interview with Karen McAndless Davis

Check out this great interview by Mark Forsythe from CBC! This conversation between Karen McAndless-Davis and Mark Forsythe was a great review of some central concepts and themes in When Love Hurts. If you have trouble listening to our player, try listening or downloading the MP3, here.

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