New Canadian study shows impacts of abuse on workplace

A new Canadian study shows that one third of workers report that they have experienced domestic abuse. 82% report that the abuse affected their work life. The study was sponsored by Western University and the Canadian Labour Congress. This study affirms what women have been reporting to us for years, that abusive partners or ex-partners will negatively affect a woman’s ability to work. Common tactics are calling work often, insisting on talking while the woman is at work, showing up at work and depriving the woman of sleep so she is too tired to work. Many women conclude that their partners are trying to sabotage their efforts to succeed in their jobs. Some women end up losing their jobs and may fall in to poverty. The study suggests that employers and fellow employees have a role to play to support those experiencing abuse. Thank you to Anna Maria Tremonti and The Current (CBC radio) for highlighting this important study.

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