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When Love Hurts Certified Training for Helping Professionals

Since we released our newest publication, Best Practices Guide and Curriculum, we have been so excited to see the interest around the globe. We want to respond by offering a training event to help support you, our wonderful colleagues. If you have seen the value of the When Love Hurts book in the lives of the women you support, you will want to take this opportunity to learn how you can apply the When Love Hurts model, framework and tools in your group or individual work with women who have experienced abuse from a partner.

When Love Hurts is not only a book women can read on their own, it is also a 12 week support program that can be offered to women in various ways and in various contexts. Whether you are highly experienced or just beginning to support women who have experienced abuse from a partner, you will find this training beneficial. If you are new to this work, you will come away  with an understanding of the When Love Hurts model, a solid framework for understanding abuse, and a complete set of exercises to offer women. If you have been doing this work for a while, this will be an opportunity to infuse your practice with new energy, insights and ideas. If this is the right time for you to join this training, click here. 

The work you do is so important. This training is our way of supporting you as you support women. While really rewarding, the work you do can also feel overwhelming at times and Covid has definitely magnified the challenges, both for the women you support and for you as someone working in this field. We have heard from many advocates and counsellors that the When Love Hurts approach is empowering and effective. We want you to feel fully equipped to support the amazing women you serve. 

This training will take place virtually, which means you can join us from anywhere in the world! Dates and other details can be found here. If this is not the right time for you, consider purchasing our Best Practices Guide and Curriculum which is available now as a digital download. This can be a very helpful guide for the work you do. If you would like us to offer this training at a different time for your organization or community, reach out to us and together, we will see what is possible.

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