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We have some really big news!

We are excited to finally introduce the latest member of our When Love Hurts family! This announcement has been a loooong time in coming. We are thrilled to have completed a companion resource for the When Love Hurts book for you – advocates, counsellors and support group facilitators. This Best Practices Guide and Curriculum is now available for you to download and start reading today!

We have heard from women how powerful the When Love Hurts book has been for them. We know the value of support groups for women. We wanted to give you access to the transformative tools you need to provide individual and group support for women in your community. We have seen how impactful the When Love Hurts book is for women and because of this, we want to make sure that you also have everything you need to support the amazing women you serve. 

If you are passionate about supporting women impacted by abuse you will appreciate this comprehensive new resource. The first half is the culmination of 25 years of the two of us working together. We share with you all that we have learned from and with women. We explain our approach, our values, and what we think is essential to providing women with the best possible support and learning. This material is a must have for anyone who works directly with women. The second half is a full 12 week curriculum for anyone who has the privilege  to facilitate a support group for women.  

If you are relatively new to this work, The Best Practices Guide and Curriculum will give you a solid framework and a complete set of exercises and resources to effectively guide women through a journey of new awareness and healing. If you are experienced in this field, this guide will help consolidate many of the things you have already learned from women and perhaps bring some fresh perspectives, tools or insights to your work. The work you do is so important. We want to support you in any way we can and this new resource is part of how we hope to do that. While really rewarding, this work can also feel overwhelming at times. During Covid, we are offering our When Love Hurts workshops online. If you would like us to do a live, virtual training in your community, reach out and have a conversation with us. In the meantime, you can download the Guide and Curriculum now and start reading!

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