grief and rebuilding

Attachment and Loss – Why the end of a relationship hurts so much

I have been reading about attachment theory recently. Attachment is primary to our being. It is how we have survived as a species – sticking together.  Our attachment impulse keeps drawing us together with the other. First with our mothers (when we are very young) and then with others. I read recently that we are not actually…

Grief and Rebuilding: How to Rebuild After the Devastation of Abuse

A reader recently sent us this email. It describes well the slow, painful healing process of reclaiming your life after abuse. I asked the woman for permission to post it as I thought it would be helpful for other women. She agreed. Here it is: I had some down days recently, not sure why, as…

How do I heal from the abuse?

Each woman’s journey to wholeness and safety, after the devastating experience of abuse, is unique, yet there are some important similarities. The healing process tends to involve periods of intense grief and sadness as well as periods of rebuilding and hope. Here’s what one woman had to say about the journey of hope and sadness….