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Grief and Rebuilding: How to Rebuild After the Devastation of Abuse

A reader recently sent us this email. It describes well the slow, painful healing process of reclaiming your life after abuse. I asked the woman for permission to post it as I thought it would be helpful for other women. She agreed. Here it is:

I had some down days recently, not sure why, as I hadn’t heard from my ex for a while. I was kind of annoyed at myself for being down. I don’t even know why I was down. I think I just had a really bad bout of missing him. Well not missing him as he is now, but missing what he showed at times. The him that I fell in love with and wish I still had. I suppose in all honesty there are parts about him that I still love, even though they are not the true person he is, its those parts that I fell in love with in the first place and I wish I still had them and am scared I will never have them again with anyone. Anyways, I go through your book at these times and your website, and it puts things in a little more perspective, takes some of the sting out of wondering what to do next.

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