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Montreal Gazette tells women’s stories

We were so pleased to see a great article in the Montreal Gazette telling several women’s stories of experiencing abuse from their partners. We were glad to see a description of several types of abuse including financial, religious and cultural. The article talked about how long it takes to rebuild from an abusive relationship. It […]

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Important interview on CBC radio

She left her husband but the violence & intimidation continues. The stories of these 3 women explain the lonely life women experience, losing friendships & finances when others don’t want to get involved & don’t believe victims: Listen clear to the end for the full 27 minute Interview “Surviving Domestic Violence” March 10, 2014

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Women fleeing abuse often end up needing a food bank

At this time of year, we are asked for donations to the food bank every time we turn around. Food banks rely on people’s generous spirits in December to get them through the rest of the year. It is good to remember that a significant number of people using food banks are women (and their […]

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Stories of abuse and survival

In this audio recording, Karen and three survivors of abuse talk about the reality and impact of abuse in marriage. The speakers touch on some of the different types of abuse – verbal, emotional, financial, and spiritual. They speak to the devastating impact that abuse has on the lives of women and their children. This […]

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