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Is My Partner’s Problem Abuse or Addiction?

Sometimes women wonder if their partner’s problem is abuse or addiction. If you know your partner has an addiction, maybe you hope that if he gets clean and sober he will stop being so hurtful towards you. Unfortunately, women’s experiences have taught us that this is not likely the case. It is painful to consider […]

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Am I Addicted to Him?

Sometimes women wonder if they are addicted to their partner. Claire described her feelings in this way. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I can’t seem to stop thinking about him. I know he has hurt me but I just keep thinking about how good things were in the beginning. Part of me […]

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16 Steps

Here are the “16 Steps” developed by Charlotte Kasl. They are an alternative to the “12 Steps” of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). Many women find them more helpful. The 12 Steps of AA were developed by men and for men. The 16 Steps were developed by women for women. 16 Steps We affirm we have the […]

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Why Don’t The 12 Steps Work for Me?

If you have found a treatment program that is a good match for you as you seek support we do not want to say anything that would undermine that support. But if you have tried a treatment program, that is based on the 12 Steps, and you have found yourself uncomfortable with parts of it. […]

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Why does my partner hurt me?

No doubt you have spent a lot of time and energy trying to figure out what causes your partner to behave the way he does. Listed below are some common explanations that women struggle with as they try to make sense of their partner’s behaviour. 6 myths about abusive men My partner has a problem […]

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