Author: Karen McAndless-Davis

Brave Woman

Oh Brave Woman. You have said “no more”. You have walked out or changed the locks or closed your ears to lies spat at you night after night. You are brave like Rosa Parks who on December 1,1955, in Montgomery, Alabama decided she must live as the full human being she was. She did a…

You can’t rationalize with an irrational person

Jill and I see women working very hard to communicate with their partners. Women try to explain themselves and be rational with their partners. But the problem is that their partners are abusive and abuse is not rational. Abuse is about power and control. It is about diminishing the other person and “winning” the argument….

New Canadian study shows impacts of abuse on workplace

A new Canadian study shows that one third of workers report that they have experienced domestic abuse. 82% report that the abuse affected their work life. The study was sponsored by Western University and the Canadian Labour Congress. This study affirms what women have been reporting to us for years, that abusive partners or ex-partners…