Anxiety that may lead to suicidal thoughts

I recently heard Dr. Ronald Siegal of Harvard medical school speak about suicide and anxiety. He said that studies have shown that most people who attempt suicide later describe that it was not depression but rather anxiety that drove them to depression. That’s interesting because I think most of us think of depression as being the number one cause of attempted suicides. But as anyone who has suffered with debilitating anxiety will tell you, it can feel quite intolerable to be so anxious so much of the time. If you are struggling with anxiety, we urge you to find someone who can support you. If your anxiety is created by an abusive partner or exacerbated by an abusive partner, we encourage you to keep looking at this website. If you are seeking to support someone who is experiencing abuse and that this abuse is causing high levels of anxiety, take that anxiety seriously and know that it is a normal reaction to living with abuse and oppression.

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