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When Love Hurts training is happening soon

Supporting women who have experienced abuse is vitally important work, and is all too common in the work of counsellors and other helping professionals.

Despite the importance and prevalence of this work, counsellors and other helping professionals often lack effective training on how to approach this work with clients.

They often tell us they feel they are “missing things,” or are perhaps not offering the best support possible. They feel lost and unsure what to do.

This is where the When Love Hurts Training can help.

This proven framework is being delivered online on June 22 and 23, 2023 by it’s creators Jill Cory and Karen McAndless-Davis.

This training is designed for counsellors and other front-line workers who want to strengthen their skills to support women with experiences of abuse from a partner.

As one in three Canadian women report partner abuse, counsellors in particular are uniquely situated to be of help whether they offer one-on-one counselling, couples counselling or family counselling. At the same time, many counsellors acknowledge that their formal education did not prepare them adequately for this critical work. 

To advance your skills in this area, join Karen McAndless-Davis and Jill Cory, who have been leading support groups and offering counselling and advocacy services for women impacted by abuse in a wide variety of communities for over 3 decades.

They will share ground-breaking research and best practice approaches, which they have developed over many years of supporting women and training professionals in this field. You will learn from their collective expertise, which is grounded in the valuable wisdom they have gained from women. Their unwavering commitment to centre the experiences of the women, combined with their knowledge and experience, makes this unique training an invaluable opportunity for those wanting to support women impacted by abuse.

One RCC who trained with this approach said this: 

“As an RCC who is also a survivor of partner abuse, I was shocked by how little training I received in my Master’s program. We were given only one week on the subject of abuse out of a 10 week course on the topic of trauma and violence. While it is essential to be trauma informed it is every bit as important to be violence and abuse informed. Every counsellor should take this course because every counsellor needs to know the signs of abuse and how to help women.” J.N., RCC

What you will learn

This training will enhance your skills and broaden your perspective. You will learn:

  • Common myths about violence and abuse against women and how they impact women and professionals
  • The Cycle of Abuse and how to make the best use of this powerful tool
  • The Power and Control Wheel (identifying different types of abuse)
  • The cumulative and extensive impacts of men’s abuse of women
  • Why some men use coercive power and control in relationships
  • How to help women access their own voice, wisdom and intuition 
  • How to reframe lies women are told about themselves
  • Unique considerations for applying a trauma approach
  • About the “harms of help” and implications for your practice
  • About the links between violence and abuse towards women, substance abuse and mental health issues (Spoiler alert: Research points to abuse as the key issue.)
  • To recognize the grief and loss that comes from abuse and separation from abusive men

The Facilitators

Karen is a Registered Professional Counsellor with a busy private practice along with facilitating many support groups for women. She is also a Certified Trauma Therapist and a supervisor for therapists who specialize in supporting women with experiences of abuse.  

Jill began working in this field as a crisis counsellor in a women’s shelter. She led a women’s support program, alongside the men’s treatment program for 8 years at Family Services of Greater Vancouver before taking a role at BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre as a trainer and researcher. She now works as a certified leadership coach and trainer at the Emotional Intelligence Coaching Company. 

For more information and to register:

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