Interview on Global National

Thanks to Shirlee Engel for doing a great job of raising awareness about the realities of woman abuse. She did a piece last night on Global National news and a piece tonight. She interviewed me for today’s segment.  If you have come to this website because you saw the interview, I hope you will spend some time looking around the website. We have posted lots of helpful videos and articles. The blog is also full of information. If you are living with abuse, we would encourage you to reach out for help. A good starting place is this website. Then perhaps consider calling your local women’s shelter. Women’s shelters are not just places to go when you need to flee abuse. They also consider themselves 24/7 crisis lines. You can call any time to ask about resources in your community. You can ask about a counsellor who has particular training in this area. You can ask if there is a support group for women in your community. You can ask about affordable housing programs or help with legal matters. Getting good support is a good first step.

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