Four things to look out for to try to avoid an abusive man:

#2: Is he trying to rush the relationship? Not all abusive men try to rush the relationship but many do. One way a woman can try to protect herself from an abusive man is to try to slow everything down. If he says, “I love you” too soon or wants to move in together right away or get engaged in a way that seems rushed, be concerned! Our society may say this is romantic but remember that more women are physically hurt by an intimate partner than are hurt in car accidents. Dating, marriage or living with a man can be dangerous for women. There is no need to rush a relationship. It is fine to take your time and really get to know the person you are considering as a life partner. If a man does not respect your desire to move the relationship at a slow pace, this is “red flag” you would be wise to pay attention to.

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