Thank you to Jackson Katz

One of many exciting moments for us in publishing this second edition was approaching Jackson Katz.

If you don’t know who Jackson Katz is, I invite you to check out his most recent book, The Macho Paradox, Why Some Men Hurt Women, and Why all Men can Help. He is also the co-creator of educational videos for college and high school students, including Tough Guise: Violence, Media, and the Crisis in Masculinity (2000), Wrestling With Manhood (2002) and Spin the Bottle: Sex, Lies and Alcohol (2004).

Anyway, we sent him a copy and asked him to review it. His response was totally affirming of our work. And timely! We were able to include this quote by him on the back of the book:

“When Love Hurts is a great resource for any woman who is tired of taking the blame for a painful relationship. If you wonder why the man you love is hurting you — and what you can do about it — this book will give you all kinds of useful information and strategies for changing your life. Just as importantly, it makes it clear that you are not responsible for his abusive behavior. ”

Over the years, it has been important to both Karen and myself to connect with other professionals in the field of anti-violence counseling and education. Getting support and affirmation from like-minded individuals has made it easier to keep on keeping on.

To Jackson Katz, I want to once again say thank you.


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