Violence Against Women

How can you be a good support to a woman who has experienced abuse?

#1 Make her safety (emotional and physical) the priority. Don’t do anything without her explicit permission. Without meaning to, you could make the situation worse or put her at risk for harm. Ask her what you can do that would be helpful to her. Being a listening ear is very helpful and may be all…

Are you being hurt by your partner but don’t think it is “abuse”?

Many women find it hard to imagine that their partners are abusing them. Part of the struggle has to do with the negative stereotype our society has of ‘battered women’ and ‘abusive men’. If neither you nor your partner fit the stereotype, it may be difficult to imagine that you’re actually being abused. Women who…

Meet the Authors

Meet the Authors

Welcome to the Video Series: When Love Hurts. In this video you will meet the authors – Jill Cory and Karen McAndless-Davis. Hear about the experiences that have brought them to this work, their passion for serving women who have been abused, and their vision for this series.