Support Groups staring in the Vancouver Area

Every fall we start When Love Hurts support groups in the Vancouver area. If you know a woman who might appreciate the support and care of this group please give her the below info. The group is for any woman who has experienced any form of abuse (verbal, emotional, spiritual, social, sexual, physical etc.) There is no “agenda” to the group, we are not trying to get women to leave or stay. We just support women and give them information and encouragement and let them make their own decisions. We strongly believe that women are the experts on their own lives and know what is best and safest for themselves and their children. If you are not in the Vancouver area but would like to be part of a group, we would suggest you call you local transition house or women’s shelter and ask them if they know about a group for women who have experienced abuse. If you live in a rural or remote area we know this won’t work but we hope you will find a way to get support for yourself and we hope that you will watch the videos and read the articles on this website. (I also do one-on-one by phone and Skype.)

To register for a group in the Vancouver area email: or email me directly: .

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