Five important things to know about men who are abusive…

#5: An abusive man will work hard to “win” family and friends over to “his” side. I really wish everyone knew this! I have walked alongside MANY women who have lost most of their friends and sometimes most of their family because family and friends choose to believe the man and distance themselves from the woman. This is heartbreaking and so unfair. I find it hard to believe that parents would choose to believe a man over their own daughter but this is what sometimes happens. Sometimes the man is warmly welcomed to family events while the woman is either not welcome or does not feel emotionally safe to go with the man there. This is inexcusable from my point of view. Come on friends and family, be loyal your daughters and sisters they need your support!

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  1. I lost most of my family when I sought a PFA against an ex-boyfriend, two years ago. Even now, my family is divided as a result and many still take his side. I no longer go to family functions and have barred my father from my life since getting the PFA. People that I thought were my close friends cast me out for “hurting him” with the PFA. Thank you for bringing up this point and I hope that you do not mind, but I added your link to my own page:

    Thank you again for creating awareness…

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