Great Training Event in Chilliwack

I just spent a wonderful weekend in Chilliwack facilitating a two day workshop for professionals on the issues of Woman Abuse.

Over 50 people were there from diverse backgrounds. We had transition house workers, counsellors, probation officers, clergy and even one lawyer.

The discussion times were exciting and I found it very encouraging to work with such a large group of people who really wanted to understand this issue better and to bring their knowledge into their work environment.

Often times as Jill and I do this work, we lament the lack of knowlegde out there and how women are often let down by the very systems that are intended to help them. It is great to know there are a great group of committed and knowledgeable people in Chilliwack. Consciousness around this issue needs to shift one person at a time.

A wonderful addition to the weekend was that 4 former clients shared their stories. This story telling was powerful. Putting names and faces to this issue is invaluable.

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