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Rape in Marriage

Diana Russell’s (1990) landmark study of sexual assault established that marital rape is a serious problem that millions of women face each year. Researchers estimate that between 10% and 14% of married women experience rape in marriage. When researchers have examined the prevalence of different types of rape, they have found that marital rape accounts for approximately 25% of all rapes (Randall&Haskall, 1995).

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One in four women will be raped in their life-time

One in four women will be raped in their life-time. What a shocking statistic. 84% of women who are raped know their attacker. They are raped by their current for former husbands, boyfriends, family members or acquaintances. Many of the women I work with have been raped by husbands or boyfriends. Many more have been […]

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