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How can the person who said he loved me be abusive?

We would like to share some thoughts from one of the women from our Support Group. She is separated from her partner but he is working hard to try to honeymoon her back. She speaks honestly about separation, grief and rebuilding. We are appreciative of her sharing: Its almost impossible for me to get my […]

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Am I in Denial?

If you are reading this blog we don’t think you are in denial. If you are reading this blog you are thinking critically about your relationship and searching for answers. That is not denial. Women who are living with abusive men sometimes get accused of being in denial but we don’t think that is what […]

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Am I Addicted to Him?

Sometimes women wonder if they are addicted to their partner. Claire described her feelings in this way. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I can’t seem to stop thinking about him. I know he has hurt me but I just keep thinking about how good things were in the beginning. Part of me […]

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Does Abuse Have a Pattern?

This video explores the Cycle of Abuse. This is the behaviour pattern of an abusive man. Karen describes the three phases of the Cycle of Abuse: Honeymoon, Tension Building and Explosion. This video will help those seeking to support women who have been abused as well as women themselves.

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