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A Story of Hope and Healing

Karen and her partner Bruce published the following article many years ago in the hope that sharing their story would help others. Karen and Bruce have now been living abuse free for over 20 years. Karen is a full time counsellor and Bruce is a pastor. They live in Vancouver, Canada and are the proud parents of two young adult children. […]

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Victim or Survivor?

VICTIM or SURVIVOR? These words hold power! We may toss these terms around without considering this. I have used them both many times referring to myself. For a long time I embraced the word “victim”. It helped me realize that what had happened was not my fault. I wore it like a badge of honor […]

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How do I heal from the abuse?

Each woman’s journey to wholeness and safety, after the devastating experience of abuse, is unique, yet there are some important similarities. The healing process tends to involve periods of intense grief and sadness as well as periods of rebuilding and hope. Here’s what one woman had to say about the journey of hope and sadness. […]

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When Love Hurts