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Am I Codependent?

The term “codependent” has its origin in the AA movement. The idea is that someone who lives with an alcoholic or drug addict often ends up developing an unhealthy dependence on the substance user. We think there are a lot of problems with this term and want to look at it critically. It is important […]

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16 Steps

Here are the “16 Steps” developed by Charlotte Kasl. They are an alternative to the “12 Steps” of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). Many women find them more helpful. The 12 Steps of AA were developed by men and for men. The 16 Steps were developed by women for women. 16 Steps We affirm we have the […]

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Why Don’t The 12 Steps Work for Me?

If you have found a treatment program that is a good match for you as you seek support we do not want to say anything that would undermine that support. But if you have tried a treatment program, that is based on the 12 Steps, and you have found yourself uncomfortable with parts of it. […]

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When Love Hurts