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“Co-parenting” with an Abusive Ex

It has become the norm that when women separate from their abusive partners they are forced by the courts to co-parent with an abusive and controlling man. Since the courts generally award 50/50 custody, these men use the children to continue their abuse in a multitude of ways. One woman described this nightmare scenario this […]

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Rapists: Not who you think they are

The majority of men who commit rape describe their behaviour as “definitely not rape” (84%). Most rapists seem “normal” and appear to be “good guys”.  They are not sociopaths or psychopaths. They are ordinary men who hold ideas about male entitlement and women’s inferiority. In other words, they are men who hold the abuse mentality […]

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How women resist abuse

Many people believe victims of domestic abuse do not do enough to free themselves from the abuse. They wrongly believe that women impacted by abuse passively accept the violence or lack assertiveness or are somehow “damaged” in such a way that they “accept” the abuse as “normal”. Nothing could be further from the truth. When […]

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Can abusive men change?

Yes they can, but statistically, they do not very often. This is because abusive men face very few consequences for their behaviour. By staying abusive, they continue to have power and control. They get their way all the time. Usually these men leave a wake of destruction behind them as they go from one relationship […]

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Am I experiencing abuse?

Many women find it hard to imagine that they are being abused by their partners. Part of the struggle has to do with the negative stereotype our culture has of ‘battered women’ and ‘abusive men’. If neither you nor your partner fit the stereotype, it may be even harder to imagine that you’re actually being […]

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When Love Hurts