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A Really Great Photo

We’ve had some nice compliments on the photo that Sarah Johnson took of us. We hired Sarah to take photos of us and this is the picture we chose to put on the back page of our book. Thank you Sarah! Jill Cory and Karen McAndless-Davis

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5,000 More Copies of When Love Hurts!

We sold out of our first printing of the second edition a few weeks back. We ordered 5,000 more copies which just arrived today. They are currently sitting outside on large pallets waiting to be brought inside. Very exciting! Karen.

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More donations to “When Love Hurts”

Walt had his 65th birthday party on Friday and raised over $1,000 to buy copies of the book. These books will be placed in libraries, prisons, and Women’s  Resource Centres; all in a effort to get the book into more women’s hands. Walt, thank you for making “When Love Hurts” part of your birthday celebration! […]

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“When Love Hurts” coming to a Library Near You!

A wonderful woman name Darla recently celebrated her birthday. Instead of people bringing gifts to her party, she invited people to buy copies of When Love Hurts so they could be placed in libraries in the Greater Vancouver Area.  Enough money was raised to buy 70 books! Her motivation was simple: she wants as many […]

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Two Important Words

Since I wrote about Jackson Katz, I have been thinking about another campaign that is run by men and focuses on what men can do to end violence against women. The White Ribbon Campaign has grown dramatically since it’s inception and now claims to be the largest movement of men, in the world, working to […]

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Thank you to Jackson Katz

One of many exciting moments for us in publishing this second edition was approaching Jackson Katz. If you don’t know who Jackson Katz is, I invite you to check out his most recent book, The Macho Paradox, Why Some Men Hurt Women, and Why all Men can Help. He is also the co-creator of educational […]

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“When Love Hurts” from Coast to Coast

We are thrilled that our book is available in bookstores from coast to coast. I was overwhelmed the other day when our distributor listed off the loooong list of independent bookstores that have chosen to carry our book (not to mention the large chain stores). A big part of what kept Jill and I going […]

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When Love Hurts