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The When Love Hurts blog

Why I Stayed

Our society believes that if you are being abused by your partner, you should leave – right away. But this is not women’s experience. Leaving a relationship, where there has been abuse, is practically and emotionally very complex. There is no “easy” solution when it comes to abuse. Whether you are living with your partner […]

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Connections between abuse, anxiety and depression

It is normal for a woman to experience some level of anxiety or depression if she is experiencing abuse from her partner. Often times women are seen to have some form of mental illness when they are actually just having a normal human reaction to oppression, hurt and crazy-making behaviour. One woman reported that she […]

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Refugees in their own country

The war in Syria has made all of us aware of a very large group of people who are living desperate lives as they flee their homes, everything they know and make arduous journeys to unfamiliar and overcrowded refugee camps. These refugees carrying with them the faint hope that some country will receive them and […]

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New video on dating violence

The Abbotsford Police have created a video on violence in young women’s lives. It rings true to me and highlights some important issues like cyberstalking. I would encourage you to watch it.

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Karen McAndless-Davis speaking in Vancouver

Come out on Friday, January 29th and hear Karen McAndless-Davis in person as she addresses the topic: “When Love Hurts: Supporting Women Who Have Experienced Abuse.” Karen is a speaker, author, counselor, trainer, facilitator for women impacted by abuse and violence. Time: 4:30 pm Friday January 29, 2016 Place: Room 14 on the second floor, […]

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Cutting off contact with an abusive ex – Facebook

In 2015 it is very hard to cut off contact with an abusive ex. Facebook can be one of many links that keep you in touch with him. Even if you “unfriend” him, you may find his face popping up on other friends’ feed. Or you might hear about things he is doing through other […]

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New study reports one-third of mothers experience violence from spouses

A new study out of the UK followed over 1,000 mothers for 10 years. Among the findings: More than one-third reported suffering violence from their spouses. Those who suffered abuse were twice as likely to develop depression as women who were not experiencing abuse. The study cited is: “Intimate partner violence and new-onset depression” by […]

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Exit: This Way Out! Dig a Tunnel

Ann, not her real name, did our support group for women who have experienced abuse. She wanted to share part of her experience in the hope of helping other women. This is what she would like to share… So the time has come that you realize you are in abusive relationship.  The counselling, talking, explaining […]

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Victim or Survivor?

VICTIM or SURVIVOR? These words hold power! We may toss these terms around without considering this. I have used them both many times referring to myself. For a long time I embraced the word “victim”. It helped me realize that what had happened was not my fault. I wore it like a badge of honor […]

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When Love Hurts