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Karen McAndless-Davis speaking in Vancouver

Come out on Friday, January 29th and hear Karen McAndless-Davis in person as she addresses the topic: “When Love Hurts: Supporting Women Who Have Experienced Abuse.”

Karen is a speaker, author, counselor, trainer, facilitator for women impacted by abuse and violence.

Time: 4:30 pm Friday January 29, 2016
Place: Room 14 on the second floor, Vancouver Convention Centre, 999 Canada Place
Event: Vancouver Missions Festival
Cost: free

Important Note: all seminars start on time and any latecomers are not permitted into the rooms

2 responses to “Karen McAndless-Davis speaking in Vancouver”

  1. Heln Laity says:

    When is the next work shop?

  2. Karen McAndless-Davis says:

    The next support groups for women who have experienced abuse will start in January in various communities in the lower mainland. The next scheduled training event for professionals will be in March. Please feel free to email me at for more details. I get those email directly. Thank you for your interest!

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When Love Hurts