Warning Signs for Young Women

Warning Signs for Young Women

Did you know that statistically a woman is far more likely to be physically injured by her partner than to be injured in a car accident? Now think about how much time and energy we put in to trying to keep young women safe on the road. They wear seat belts and go through rigorous levels of testing before they can drive a car on their own. Now think about what preparation we do with young women before they begin to date. Do we talk with them about what is okay and not okay in a relationship? Do we talk about what the early warning signs of possible abuse are? Do we talk about how abuse can take many forms including verbal, emotional, sexual and social. Here are some warning signs. You might consider them “red flags”:

  • Discouraging you from seeing friends or pursuing your own interests
  • Pushing sexual activity beyond your comfort level
  • Being jealous of other relationships
  • Withdrawing and being emotionally cold and distant
  • Attacking your ideas and opinions
  • Saying you are “crazy”
  • Intimidating you
  • Throwing things
  • Driving recklessly or angrily with you in the car
  • Putting you down or calling you names
  • Commenting about your weight
  • Belittling you, making fun of you, being sarcastic

If you have experienced any of these abusive or controlling behaviours from your partner, be concerned and talk to someone you can trust. For more information, keep reading this website. If you see these controlling behaviours playing out in the life of a friend, consider expressing your care and concern.


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