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Support Groups

This past week was the end of another amazing support group here in the Vancouver area. At the close of the evening, women shared what the 10 weeks had meant to them. They talked about the power of being listened to, respected and affirmed. They spoke of how wonderful it was to be in a room with others who had “been there”. For many women, this group had become an important “lifeline” through a very challenging time in their life.

I was reminded again of the amazing power of support groups. If you are reading this blog and are in an abusive relationship, I hope you can find a support group. (Your local transition house or shelter may know of one.) You are in a very challenging time in your life and you deserve all the support you can get.


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  1. I want to testify to the awesomeness of God! I was ministering in the Brantford/Burlington area of Ontario and while there to minister to others about fear and overcoming an anxiety disorder, I desperately needed God to speak to me regarding taking action to confront verbal abuse in my own marriage. Taking some time in the Royal Botanical Gardens to read and pray, I spent a peaceful afternoon but on the drive home called out to God to please confirm (one last time) if I was hearing him correctly as to the action I needed to take against verbal abuse. I turned on CTS and to my amazement, there was a show on called Day of Discovery that was focusing on marital abuse in Christian marriages!!!! The program wasn’t even supposed to air until Sunday, but I watched it on a Saturday evening…that is how I came in contact with your ministry and can’t wait to get the book and stay strong to leave old patterns behind. I want so much to break this cycle so that my 11 year old son does not take this way of communicating into his relationships as an adult. Thank you for your ministry!!!!

  2. Could you please help me with finding a support group for Codependent in Guelph or surrounding area.
    Thank you, Sincerely, Lynda

  3. Could you please help me find a support group for my daughter who had to leave her husband, in Central Alberta please? Near Red Deer?

  4. Sent you a quick email. Sorry we don’t know of specific resources for Central Alberta. A good way to go is to call the local women’s shelter or resource centre. They try to keep up to date with resources in the community. Wishing you and your daughter well.

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